Tube Lasering

Our 3D tube laser cutter will meet your exact design specifications with unmatched versatility.

Tube laser cutting offers capabilities for speed, accuracy and finish that outmatch traditional cutting methods.

Our LT7 3D laser tube cutter is one of the fastest machines of its kind. It can accept tube lengths up to 8.5m and 150mm in diameter, including square, round, rectangular and open profiles.

The computer-guided 3D cutting system will meet your exact design specifications, no matter how complex. Read on, and then contact us today to find out more about how this state-of-the-art machinery can meet the needs of your project.

Tube laser cutting using the LT7Tube Laser Machine

Benefits of 3D Tube Laser Cutting

1. It will meet your exact design requirements, every time

The three-dimensional rotating head on our LT7 cuts with accuracy and efficiency from every direction. This enables versatility and design complexity that go well beyond traditional cutting methods. This gives us total flexibility and freedom in designing the pieces you need. As a computer-guided system, you can also be confident that we’ll meet your exact needs, every time.

2. It’s faster, cheaper, and more efficient

Our LT7 tube laser cutter is one of the fastest of its kind. This means that our expert technicians can meet your deadlines without ever compromising on quality. The cuts made are clean, accurate and ready to go straight out of the machine. This lack of follow-on processes offers unmatched efficiency compared with other cutting methods.

3. It offers unique capabilities to make your life easier

Our 3D tube laser will handle all the processes needed to make your steel ready-to-use, in a single pass. Using its unique cutting capabilities, our LT7 creates pieces that are straightforward to assemble. Your pieces will be perfectly aligned, with all required grooves, tabs and holes designed in. It will even countersink holes as it cuts! This will save you time and effort when joining pieces together.

Contact us today to find out how our laser tube cutting can meet the unique needs of your project.