Builders Beams

We use state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment to meet all of your builders beam requirements. Our highly skilled engineers can produce bespoke builders beams, pre-treated and coated to your exact design specifications. 

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Finding the right builders beam for your project is absolutely critical to ensure the structural integrity of your build, whether commercial or residential.

At Toomers, we are a full-service steel fabrication company, meaning that we can offer bespoke builders beams to meet any specification. In our 60,000 sq ft of workshop space, we can process all shapes and sizes of builders beams, as well as take care of any welding, drilling, cutting, and surface coating you may need.

We offer a range of beam shapes to suit all projects, including universal beams and columns, hollow sections, and flat bars, all measured, cut and processed to your exact specifications.

We can support any requirement, big or small, and our engineers are experienced in supporting customers for both residential and commercial projects. We are fully committed to offering a high quality product, and everything we produce is fully checked and delivered in accordance with our building control regulations.

We also offer off-site building to save you time and labour costs on site; check out our off-site build solutions page to find out more.

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